SuperFlux™ Raman Spectrometer

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SuperFlux™ Raman Spectrometer

MAKER Tornado
MODEL SuperFlux™
Application Experiment, food, environment, agriculture, cell culture
Parameter Spectrometer
Product Detail


◼Laser Wavelength: 785 nm wavelength (Configurable power output from 5 to 495 mW)

◼Spectral Range: 200 cm-1 to 3300 cm-1 (Raman shift from 785 nm excitation)

◼Fiber Length : 2 meters standard – Different lengths are available upon request

◼Dimensions: 15.8 x 11.3 x 5.4 in (40.1 x 28.8 x 13.6 cm)

◼Weight: 12 lbs. (5.4 kg)


◼Compact Desktop Size

◼Embedded CPU – No External Laptop Needed

◼Fit-For-Purpose Lab-Scale Raman Analyzer

◼Non-Destructive Monitoring and Analysis

◼OPC UA Client for Remote Control

◼Easy Installation and Operation

◼Small footprint, lightweight and portable




Pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food, biotech, and other applications